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Changes in the product range

What is changing in the product range?

Find your replacement product quickly

In spring 2022, we published our vision for sustainability as follows:

"We will be removing our nitrocellulose lacquers, solvent -based stains and solvent -based, acid-hardening lacquers from our product range by the end of 2023. As a further step we are going to replace all other solvent -based lacquers with sustainable alternatives by 2030."

This decision will result in some changes to the product range for our customers, which we will communicate transparently here.

In addition, we will list here all other products that, for various reasons, are classified as "discontinued product”. As far as possible, the suitable alternative product is listed directly with a link to all technical details.

Do you use a product from this list?

Keep an eye on the discontinuation date and remember to order suitable alternative products on time. If you need advice, please contact your contact person or our technical hotline.

NC lacquers coloured and transparent

Discontinued products as of 31.12.2023

NC-Colour lacquer Alternative products
EB 130x(gloss level)-(colour tone)
EB 13x(gloss level)-(colour tone)
COOL-COLORHB 6528x(gloss level)-(colour tone) 
NC-Lacquer transparent/ Multicoat lacquer  
EH 3111x(gloss level)
FF 31x(gloss level)
EH 3303x(gloss level)
EH 3339x(gloss level)
NE 30x(gloss level)
NH 3605x(gloss level)
NH 36x((gloss level)
EH 307-x(gloss level)
EH 3318x(gloss level)-0021
NE 35x(gloss level)
EH 3357x(gloss level)
EH 3357x(gloss level)-0006
EH 37x(gloss level)
SNE 3358x(gloss level)
HYDRO Multicoat lacquerHE 6535x(gloss level)-0045
EH 33399
ND 994
NH 369
NU 30129
NU 30279-0002
 no replacement
SNG 3857HYDRO Multicoat lacquerHE 6535x(Glanzgrad)-0045
NG 380
NG 3800
NG 3880
HYDRO BasecoatHG 6580
NC-Pigment filler  
NNP 180-9343
NP 180-9343
NP 186-9343
COOL-FILLHP 6645-9343


Discontinued products as of 31.12.2023

Solvent-based stains Alternative products
CK 15-7445HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 15-46925
CK 15-7446HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 15-46926
CK 15-7447HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 15-46924
CK 15-7448HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 15-46923
CL 15-7376HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 15-21362
CL 15-7377HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 15-21361
CL 1-57933HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 1-45024
CL 1-65139HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 1-48025
CL 1-65143HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 1-48026
CL 1-65418HYDRO Special stainBS 1-45030
CL 1-65436HYDRO Special stainBS 1-48014
CL 1-65448HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 1-48023
CL 18-2020Colour stainBC 18-47777
CL 18-5610HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46876
CL18-65542  Colour stainBC 18-47720
CL 18-7710Colour stainBC 18-47993
CL 18-7990Colour stainBC 18-48006
CL 18-8070   Colour stainBC 18-47721
CL 3-080027Colour stainBC 3-47974
CL 3-3520     Colour stainBC 5-46416
CL 33-5833Priming stainBG 33-48003
CL 3-53080HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-46364
CL 3-53465Colour stainBC 3-47835
CL 3-53651HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-46385
CL 3-53677HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-46465
CL 3-53759   HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-46459
CL 3-53779HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-46458
CL 3-53910HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-47774
CL 3-54740Colour stainBC 3-48058
CL 3-54802Colour stainBC 3-46470
CL 3-54916HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-48046
CL 3-55128HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-47889
CL 3-55130Colour stainBC 3-48057
CL 3-55661Colour stainBC 3-47779
CL 3-56027Colour stainBC 3-47811
Cl 3-56107Priming stainBG 3-47832
CL 3-56165Priming stainBG 3-47833
CL 3-56226Colour stainBC 3-47981
CL 3-56230Colour stainBC 3-47975
CL 3-56261Colour stainBC 3-48047
CL 3-56273Colour stainBC 3-46430
CL 3-56317Colour stainBC 3-47962
Cl 3-56365Priming stainBG 3-47884
CL 3-56459Priming stainBG 3-47864
CL 3-56635Colour stainBC 3-47847
CL 3-56758Colour stainBC 3-48007
Cl 3-56809Colour stainBC 3-47711
CL 3-57118Colour stainBC 3-47830
CL 3-57430HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-46466
CL 3-57464Colour stainBC 3-47713
CL 3-57484Colour stainBC 3-47988
CL 3-57725Colour stainBC 3-47857
CL 3-57920Priming stainBG 3-47881
CL 3-57734HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-46019
CL 3-5912HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-47660
CL 38-6497HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 38-47970
CL 38-6501Colour stainBC 38-46047
CL 3-57870HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-48109
CL 5-2012HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46621
CL 5-2033HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46367
CL 5-2044HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47772
CL 5-2053Colour stainBC 5-47767
CL 5-2115HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46374
CL 5-2410HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25013
CL 5-2849HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46351
CL 5-3840Priming stainBG 5-4725
CL 5-3849HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46446
CL 5-4518HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46448
CL 5-5001HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25017
CL 5-5003HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25018
CL 5-5005HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25019
CL 5-5010HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46447
CL 5-5011HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25022
CL 5-5012Precious wood stainBE 5-46623
CL 5-5012HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47655
CL 5-5015HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46622
CL 3-50656Priming stainBG 5-47915
Cl 5-50658HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47822
CL 5-52352HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46352
CL 5-52420HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47986
CL 5-52460Colour stainBC 5-47816
CL 3-55739Colour stainBC 3-48123
CL 5-52517HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47124
CL 5-52620HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46384
Cl 5-53364HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47824
CL 5-53851HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47734
CL 5-53852HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47987
CL 5-53986HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46383
CL 5-54235Colour stainBC 5-47804
CL 5-54354HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47863
CL 5-54508HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46375
CL 5-54778HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47674
CL 5-54908HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 3-48031
CL 5-54937HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-48051
CL 5-55079Priming stainBG 5-47924
CL 5-55196HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46366
CL 5-55337HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25016
CL 5-55338HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25024
CL 5-55339HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46373
CL 5-55343HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25014
CL 5-55344HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25015
CL 5-55345HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25023
CL 5-55346HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25021
CL 5-55379HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25025
CL 5-55383HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-25020
CL 5-55792HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47127
CL 5-56182HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47769
CL 5-56377HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47828
CL 5-56779HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46365
CL 5-56819HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47963
CL 5-56830HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46372
CL 5-57255HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47125
CL 5-57258HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47126
CL 5-57273HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47128
CL 5-57323HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47823
CL 5-57749HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47817
CL 5-57802Colour stainBC 5-47952
CL 5-57832HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46400
CL 5-57894HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47831
CL 5-57943HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47875
CL 5-6411HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46877
CL 5-7149HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-46449
CL 58-6030Priming stainBG 58-46468
CL 58-6059Priming stainBG 58-46464
CL 63-5773Priming stainBG 63-48004
CL 73-5098Colour stainBC 73-46469
CL 83-7356Colour stainBC 83-46431
CL 83-7587Colour stainBC 83-46009
CL 83-7591Colour stainBC 83-7591
CL 83-7685Priming stainBG 83-47834
CL 83-7780Colour stainBC 3-47883
CL 83-7795Colour stainBC 83-47740
CL 83-7796Priming stainBG 83-47780
CL 85-7470HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 85-47872
CL 85-7713HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47829
CL 85-7792HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 85-47812
CX 010323-9901HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47882
CX 020323-9902Priming stainBG 5-47947
CX 030323-9901HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47675
CX 121222-9901HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47880
CX 160123-9901HYDRO Rustic stainWRB 5-47674
CX 180522-9901Priming stainBG 5-47969
Wiping stains  
TD 4120, 
TD 4215-02101
 Alternatives under examination
Adhesive primer (for metal)  
TG 5242, TG 542   HYDRO Basecoat for metal adhesionHS 6242
Adhesive primer (for plastic)  
TG 5250, TG 525 no replacement

Acid-curing lacquers transparent and coloured

Discontinued products as of 31.12.2023

  Alternative products
RSE 9545x(gloss level)COOL-TOPHE 6509x(goss level)
RSP 94520-9343COOL-FILLHP 6645-9343
RSB 96284-(coour tone)COOL-COLORHB 65285-(colour tone)

Additives, dyestuffs & pigment concentrates

Discontinued products as of 31.12.2023

AdditivesAlternative products
Furniture gloss ZD 5487
Reaction additive ZD 838
no replacement
CF 5110, CF 5131, CF 5190, CF 5430no replacement
Pigment concentrates 
CP 7010, CP 7020, CP 7030, CP 7050,
CP 7080, CP 7090, CP 7610, CP 7630
no replacement
TK 7111-0001, TK 7130-0001, TK 7135-0001,
TK 7150-0001, TK 7170-0001, TK 7191-0001
no replacement


Discontinued products as of 31.12.2023

ThinnersAlternative products
NV 3905RV 1
NV 3917ZD 82
NV 3924RV 9
NV 3945RV 11
NV 3990ZD 84
RSV 9993ZD 93
NV 1, NV 3900, NV 3920, NV 3939no replacement
CV 325, CV 326, CV 501, CV 553,
CV 555, CV 582, CV 584, CV 593
no replacement



Discontinued products as of 30.09.2023 Alternative products
DU 45229
DU 46269
DU 429
DU 46269-0005
DU 429-1
DU 45289
DU 45289-0001
Discontinued products as of 30.06.2023  
DE 42900-0003
DA 400-1
FANTASTIC-NATURA dark woodDA 48840

HYDRO lacquers

Discontinued product

Discontinued product as of 31.12.2023 Alternative product
HDE 54500-0001PERFECT-NATURA brightHDE 54510
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