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Interior doors become an eye-catcher

Perfectly coated and sustainable

Coating interior doors with efficiency and elegance

Hesse lacquers enable diverse industrial production

Interior doors are always the first thing people see of a room. The requirements for coating interior doors are correspondingly high and varied.

From reasonably priced, mass-produced goods for the DIY market to high-quality lacquered doors for the contract sector and upmarket interior fittings, right through to special doors with special dimensions or fire or sound insulation requirements.

We understand the requirements of door manufacturers and therefore assist a large number of well-known companies – some of them for decades. Our portfolio of UV lacquers for roller coating, Hydro lacquers and Hydro-UV lacquers offers you the reassurance of meeting all the above requirements. Regardless of whether the interior door is to have an open-pored, closed-pored, opaque coloured, glazed or clear coating. We deal with all the challenges posed by everyday production in the door industry and work with you to find solutions that run perfectly on your production line.

Sustainable coating in interior doors

Better Carbon

The coating processes in the door industry are often already very efficient in terms of materials. This is because the UV lacquers for roller coating used there don’t contain any solvents and can be applied with virtually no loss. A lot has already been done in terms of sustainability if the electricity for the coating line also comes from renewable energies. Yet even more can be done!

Because material recycling is not currently possible with the lacquers used. This usually results in thermal recycling at the end of the product life cycle. This contributes to increasing the CO2 content in the atmosphere if the raw materials used come from petrochemicals.

You can make your coating process even more sustainable by using lacquer systems made from renewable raw materials. Only the CO2 bound during growth is then emitted by combustion. Our Better Carbon UV systems meet the requirements for sustainable coating of interior doors and are therefore increasingly in demand from manufacturers.


Excimer technology

Produce dull matt interior doors with profiles

Our innovative Hesse lacquers can give profiled interior doors that real wow factor, and they simultaneously contribute special properties. Using our Fabumatt Hydro-UV lacquer with excimer , for example, enables anti-fingerprint coating of profiled doors, which at the same time is highly scratch- and chemical-resistant (DIN 68861 1A). As a bonus, the interior door features an elegant dull-matt surface.

Learn more about Hydro-UV lacquer with excimer

Sustainability and certification systems

for the requirements of the future

Doors are construction elements that form an integral part of buildings. Construction plays a major role in the socially relevant issues of our time. Sustainability, environmental protection , climate protection, whatever the terms used: how we build and deal with resources is crucial in the process.

Building certifications, BIM and verification of sustainability become important building blocks. This also influences the design and manufacture of interior doors.

The lacquer also plays a role. Hesse lacquer systems are specially adapted and developed for your certification requirements, so you can confidently achieve your goals.

Products for door manufacturers

HUB 85x(gloss level)-(colour tone)

FABULAC is a water-based and UV-hardened lacquer system that sets new standards in terms of feel, resistance and ready-for-use properties. Superbly opaque surfaces can be achieved in all colour ranges by using the dual-cure process with the addition of a hardener . FABULAC achieves the following resistance properties: DIN 68861 1B ( chemical resistance ), 2D ( abrasion resistance ), 4E (scratch resistance ).

  • refined feel
  • optimised opacity
  • good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • DIN 68861 1B
  • PVC-resistant
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Hesse UV Basecoat for roller coating
UG 7120-Q0009 clear

UV-hardening, highly filling basecoat with excellent sanding properties that reliably closes small holes and creates a smooth, closed-pore substrate for recoating. This basecoat is formulated with renewable raw materials.

  • for smooth and filler rollers
  • with sustainable raw materials
  • good sanding properties
Learn more
Hesse UV finishing lacquer for roller coating
UU 7450x(gloss level) clear

UV top coat for heavily used surfaces.  The lacquer film features high resistance to micro scratching and also features outstanding stain resistance . This product is also certified as flame retardant according to DIN 4102-B1.

  • high stain resistance according to DIN 68861 1B
  • high scratch resistance
  • good resistance to the action of light
  • good running stability on the roller without a shift in gloss level
  • flame retardant according to DIN 4102-B1
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