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Industrial parquet lacquering constant, efficient and innovative

The latest rolling technologies using UV lacquer, excimer or Oxi-reactive oil

Fastest coating using lacquer or oil

Continuous optimisation for industrial parquet production

Laying parquet flooring in their own home is a real dream come true for many people. Industrial parquet manufacturers have for years been meeting the strong demand for this natural floor covering. It involves them using state-of-the-art production facilities and realising ever more efficient coatings.

UV lacquers for roller coating are generally used as a filler, basecoat and top lacquer to protect the surface. There is a choice of colouring stains, oils, or even cutting-edge excimer technology for dull matt surfaces.

Our product portfolio contains all the coating products required for the parquet industry.

Particularly eco-friendly producers rely on our Oxi-reactive oil for roller coating. It is sustainable, highly durable and at the same time enables the fastest cycles in production. From untreated wood to packaging usually takes less than six minutes. The highest quality demands regarding your products are simultaneously met.

Another benefit for you: the efficient production processes and perfect grammages can be documented and provided for your equipment operators. This ensures transparent communication and continuous quality assurance for all participants.

Perfectly protected oak parquet

POREGUARD technology

Especially with open-pored, brushed oak parquet, it’s a common problem that the pores become soiled over time. That doesn’t have to be the case! Because our patented POREGUARD technology offers the perfect solution to this and provides optimum protection to the parquet surface. A special system configuration and the appropriate UV roller lacquering mean that even the deep-lying wood pores are coated and effectively protected in the long term against future soiling.


UV lacquer with biorenewable carbon

Increase the sustainability level of your products

Hesse Lignal is making the world a bit more sustainable with its BRC product series Better Carbon: these UV lacquers contain a high proportion of renewable raw materials and are therefore more eco-friendly than conventionally manufactured products. Better Carbon products are at the same time convincing due to their high level of durability and visually appealing results. Their  lacquer formulations were developed in an elaborate process over several years and optimised to perfection. Non-BRC products can often without much effort be swapped for sustainable UV lacquers with a high BRC content. The Hesse Lignal team will be happy to provide advice if finishes need to be adjusted due to the use of other products or certain work procedures. Better Carbon can usually be combined with non-BRC products if it is not possible to swap products. There is no need to compromise on the quality of your finished products.


Conventional oils vs. Oxi-Reactive Oil

Cycle time 24 h vs. 6 min

If you oil traditionally, in the best case you have a cycle time of 24 h. The biggest time wasters are the long drying times between oil applications and especially the length of time for complete drying prior to packaging.

The attractive alternative in terms of time is our Oxi-Reactive-Oil for Roller Coating. This gives you an average production time for multi-colour oil application of 10 min including packaging. Drying time is eliminated because UV activation takes place after each oil application and the surfaces therefore dry as quickly as possible.

All in all you save a vast amount of space, time and personnel resources!


Products for the parquet flooring industry

Oxi-reactive oil for rolling
RO 79861

Our RO 79861 develops an attractive natural wood look with highly durable and lasting protection for your products. Rapid thorough hardening and good scratch resistance are assured. This product is comparable with conventional UV coatings in terms its of application and suitability for immediate packaging on industrial systems.

  • ISO 22196 antibacterial properties
  • DIN 53429 diffusion values
  • Naturalness according to ONORM C 2380
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Hesse UV finishing lacquer for roller coating
UU 75830 Diamond top coat

Dull matt diamond top coat based on unsaturated acrylate binders. This UV-activated top coat is suitable for achieving open- to closed-pore finishes with particularly good scratch resistance.

  • very resistant against scratching
  • dull matt
  • with a velvety feel
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Hesse HYDRO-UV basecoat for roller coating
HUW 8831 clear

Adhesion primer for roller coating, with excellent adhesion to the substrate and good accentuation of the wood. This product is characterised by its great elasticity. It is a UV-hardening product based on unsaturated acrylate resins, water-soluble and ready to use.

  • Elegant accentuation of the wood
  • Good adhesion properties on different substrates
  • Elastic
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Industrial Parquet Coating Catalogue

Find out here about our comprehensive product range for industrial coating of parquet.

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HARO - Hamberger

Convinced by competence and inspiration

The HARO brand from Hamberger is a big name in the sector. It is only in the last few years that we’ve been supplying sustainable lacquers for very different product lines in various HARO facilities.

This customer praises not only our products, but especially their competent, inspiring collaboration with the entire Hesse team. That naturally makes us proud and very happy!

Decospan N. V.

Classic coating for industrial parquet flooring

The company Decospan N. V. from Belgium is also an important customer of ours in this segment. Various floor programmes are coated there in a process-reliable manner using our stains as well as UV- and HYDRO-UV  lacquers.

 Long-term collaboration makes it important to repeatedly formulate specific objectives to ensure that the best result for each end product can be jointly determined. The best organisation is particularly important when it comes to exports. We ensure smooth functioning of both the supra-regional supply chain and the interaction between the customer, our local sales representatives and the departments involved at our production site in Hamm.

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